Bring Magic Into Your Workplace by Jordana Borensztajn

Activate Your Team’s Imagination and Creativity By Adopting a Magician’s Mindset

We are living in a brand new world, full of the unexpected. We can’t take old patterns, processes and habits into this new space and expect them to fit. Our old ways of approaching work are outdated. Instead, we need to imagine, create and find solutions with openness, curiosity and wonder; a fresh approach… A magical approach.

Through sharing her own entertaining story of discovering her inner magician, Jordana will teach your team how to adopt a magician’s mindset to embrace change with enthusiasm, to problem solve in new ways, and even manage the unexpected with joy. You’ll learn simple and powerful techniques to step out of habitual thinking and to activate your team’s imagination so you can collaborate and innovate at a higher level with more productivity, and most importantly, have way more fun in the process!

Jordana will show you how to use the power of imagination, play and curiosity to tap into your own inner magician which will inspire you, your colleagues and your clients.


  • Develop powerful leadership skills for the 2022 workplace
  • Learn powerful techniques to activate your team’s imagination in new ways
  • Learn strategies to embrace change with enthusiasm and joy
  • Simple and fun techniques to think differently to enhance productivity
  • Understand how a magician’s mindset helps us manage the unexpected
  • Learn to create, connect, collaborate and innovate in exciting new ways