Build an Authentic, Creative and Memorable Brand on Social Media By Jordana Borensztajn

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Develop Relationships, Create Connections and Build a Strong Community Online

In today’s noisy digital world, brands and businesses are fighting for attention. In this engaging, high-energy and insightful keynote, Jordana shares techniques to help you cut through the social media chaos.

You’ll overcome social media fears, learn the difference between a professional brand and a personal brand, and gain easy-to-apply tools and techniques to develop a unique brand voice, generate captivating visuals and use powerful storytelling techniques to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

You’ll learn how to apply creative and innovative ideas to your content creation process in order to capture attention, create a compelling social media journey and develop meaningful relationships online. Best of all, you’ll have fun as you feel energised with fresh and creative ideas.



  • Gain a strong understand of social media fundamentals
  • Overcome common social media fears
  • Learn to how use voice, visuals and storytelling to bring your business to life online
  • Understand how to apply creativity to make your brand’s content stand out
  • Learn powerful techniques to generate innovative content ideas that promote your core business goals and create meaningful connections
  • Learn how to craft a captivating social media journey for your audience