Reignite Your Work Mojo by Jordana Borensztajn

Finding Motivation, Inspiration and Excitement in the New (New) Normal

As we recover from the turbulence of 2020 and 2021, it’s hard to find the motivation to embrace this rapidly evolving world with excitement and grace. We’ve transformed and workplaces are different. While we’ve achieved an enormous amount, it hasn’t been easy. Returning to work seemed like a dream, but as we begin to adjust to this new (new) normal, it’s challenging for both employers and employees.

After the constant instability of moving in and out of lockdowns, how can you and your team find the inspiration, gusto and drive to collaborate, connect and perform at an even higher level than you did in the past, when we still face so much uncertainty?

In this fresh, interactive and insightful keynote, we’ll deep-dive into how the workplace has shifted, the incredible benefits of the new hybrid world, and powerful strategies to embrace unexpected change with strength, resilience and enthusiasm. Importantly, we’ll cover tips and techniques to fill your cup internally which will fuel your work mojo. When we're enriched inside, it allows us to give more and grow more, helping us connect, collaborate, communicate and create together in new and passionate ways.


  • Learn to embrace change with strength, resilience and enthusiasm
  • Connect with your creativity to tap into your inner strength
  • Feel inspired to connect, collaborate and communicate in new and fun ways with your colleagues
  • Reflect and celebrate how all became more creative, resourceful and innovative together through 2020 and 2021