The Power of Going Offline in an Online World by Jordana Borensztajn

Communicating Authentically and with Confidence in this New (New) World

We are all emerging from a 24/7 digital world where living behind our computers screens and using Zoom filters became our new normal.

Developing meaningful connections are, and always been, at the heart of true business growth and success. Confident face-to-face communication is crucial in order to build authentic and meaningful relationships with both our clients and colleagues.

As we navigate back in the real world, and learn to both connect and reconnect, it’s crucial we feel motivated and inspired to step in – and step up – with confidence, assurance and a fresh new energy.


  • Using curiosity to build trust, rapport and a strong foundation
  • How to use your passion and authenticity to develop meaningful relationships
  • Understanding how storytelling helps you inspire your clients and colleagues, and develop deeper connections
  • Build your communication toolkit with easy-to-implement and highly effective techniques and strategies